Dear Parents,

It is our desire that Grace Bible Church Nursery be a place that honors the Lord. Our Nursery provides loving care to children as a ministry to the families and visitors of Grace Bible Church. We see each little one as important – a special gift from the Lord – and we look forward to spending time with them. Our desire is to see that your child’s needs are met with loving attention whether emotional, physical, or spiritual as you worship and serve.


To provide loving care
The central goal of this ministry is to provide loving care for children while their parents are attending church. We want the Nursery to be a place where parents can confidently leave their children knowing that they will be well cared for. We tend to their physical needs by feeding, changing, comforting, and caring for them as individuals. Their spiritual needs are met as they hear Bible stories, verses, and songs, but mostly from the actions and attitudes of those who are serving them.

The early years of life are very significant in shaping a child’s values and behavior. We realize that we have a special opportunity to show them, by our loving example, the Lord Jesus Christ. Our attitudes and actions to these precious children and their parents will be those of loving service, that will represent Christ and Grace Bible Church to the glory of God.

To support the foundation of the home
Bible concepts and principles will be introduced through songs, games, and teaching God’s Word. In addition, the Nursery ministry desires to help each child develop respect for others and property. The children are not just being “babysat” and we are not there “just passing the time” for a child, but rather we want each one of them to know God’s love for them through us. We don’t want to ever underestimate the value of training in the earliest years.

As you endeavor to be the parent God would want you to be, we would like to make a suggestion of a very good book for reading, Shepherding A Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp. This will help you to reach the hearts of your children and not just to control them.


The Nursery Ministry will serve children from birth through four years of age whose parents are attending either worship service, Sunday school, or designated special events at the church for which childcare has been prearranged. For Sunday school and either worship service there are three rooms designated for the Nursery, with children separated by age, as follows:

  • Infants – birth through walking (approximately 12-15 months)
  • Toddlers – walking through 2-1/2 years of age
  • Preschool – 2-1/2 years through 4 year olds

For the evening service the Preschool room and Infant room are available for children from birth through four years of age. In the future the Toddler room may also be available, according to need.

Children are to be picked up promptly after the service or activity ends. Your children may have really enjoyed their time in the Nursery, but they will be ready to greet Dad and Mom and head for home. Remember, too, that those tending the children may have other responsibilities to attend to before they leave and their families are waiting to go home as well.

While the children are in the nursery
During your time in the worship service or other activity, the workers will provide your children with caring attention and age-appropriate activities.

Enjoyable activities will be provided for children at each age level. There are many colorful and stimulating toys with which the children can play. Biblical concepts and principles will be introduced as the children grow through songs, games, activities, and stories.

Music is an important way children begin to learn about God. In addition, music has a calming effect on small children. A tape recorder is available so that music can be played at any time those caring for the children feel it to be appropriate.

Each child will have his diaper checked and changed, if needed. Children will be taken to the restroom as needed.

Bottles or cups will be given if the child seems hungry or if the parents have specified that they should be given.

Cribs are available for infants who need to take a nap.

Any specific instructions related to feeding, naps, diapering or potty training should be given to the worker and noted on the sign-in sheet or your child’s personal information card as you leave your little one.

Please do not bring snacks from home; graham crackers will be offered unless the parents request that no snack be given. No one working in the Nursery will give your child food other than graham crackers or administer medicine; therefore, please make sure these things are taken care of before you bring your child to the Nursery.

Nursing mothers
The cry room is available for nursing mothers to use while they are feeding their babies. Because of heavy traffic in the nurseries, and to ensure privacy, please do not use the Nursery for nursing.