The Hutchison Family

Hutchison Family Picture

Name: Nathaniel & Mabel Hutchison
Children: Luke, Noah, & Chloe
Location: Manila, Philippines

Nathaniel and Mabel met at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, Ill. in 1992. He was from Michigan, studying theology and she was from the Bay area, studying missions. They got married about 1 ½ years later, December 17, 1994, when they were both 27 years old. About this time they were learning about the doctrines of grace and Calvinism. They spent six months on a short-term missions trip to the Philippines and came back convinced they would never go back.

In 1997, they moved to Escondido so Nathaniel could study at Westminster Seminary and they became members at GBC. They even lived in each of the three apartments!! Eventually, they reconsidered returning to the Philippines, and were sent by GBC on September 24, 2001, only two weeks after 9/11.

Now, Manila is their home and they are serving at Cornerstone Community Church, where Nathaniel is serving as one of the elders. They are both involved in a variety of church ministries especially with the Young Professionals group. He also teaches undergraduate and graduate students at FEBIAS College of Bible. The school has about 275 students enrolled.

They have three children: Luke Jon is turning 12 in December is in 6th grade, Noah James (8 yrs old) is in 3rd grade and Chloe Christine who is 6 yrs old just started 1st grade. All the kids are homeschooled through North County Christian School.