Date Text Title Speaker
06/14/07 2 Corinthians 1:8-11 On God We Have Set Our Hope Brian Borgman
04/21/07 Misc. Session 4 – Hope’s Destination John Sale
04/20/07 Misc. Session 3 – Hope’s Satisfied Heart John Sale
04/20/07 Misc. Breakout Session – God’s Call to Singleness Dr. Dennis Johnson
04/20/07 Misc. Session 2 – Hope Worships a Sovereign Lord John Sale
04/19/07 Misc. Session 1 – Hope Discovered John Sale
08/27/06 John 21:1-14 The Miraculous Catch of Fish Rob Weaver
08/05/06 Question and Answer Session Michael S. Horton
08/05/06 Is the Bible Sufficient for My Life? Michael S. Horton
08/05/06 Can I Know God’s Plan for My Life? Michael S. Horton
08/04/06 Does God Have a Plan for My Life? Michael S. Horton
06/10/06 Ruth 4 Hearts Set on Pilgrimage: Ruth 4 John Sale
06/10/06 Ruth 3 Spread Your Wings Over Me: Ruth 3 John Sale
06/09/06 Revelation 1:9-20 A Portrait of Jesus Christ Ryan Wentzel
06/09/06 Ruth 2 Refuge Under the Shadow of His Wings: Ruth 2 John Sale
06/08/06 Ruth 1 The Hidden Smile of God: Ruth 1 John Sale
02/26/06 Ephesians 2:14-22 The Church: The Temple of God John Sale
11/11/05 Miscellaneous Texts Evangelicals and Catholics: Divided by Doctrine Mike Gendron

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