Date Text Title Speaker
03/11/18 Mark 2:23-3:6 Sabbath-Breakers and the Sabbath-Bringer Craig Marshall
03/04/18 Mark 2:18-22 Fasting and Feasting Craig Marshall
02/25/18 Mark 2:13-17 The Scandal of Grace Ryan Wentzel
02/18/18 Mark 2:1-12 Jesus’ Authority to Forgive Sins Ryan Wentzel
02/11/18 Mark 1:40-45 Cleansing for the Outcast Craig Marshall
02/04/18 Mark 1:29-39 More Than a Healer Craig Marshall
01/28/18 Mark 1:21-28 The Authority of Jesus Ryan Wentzel
01/21/18 Mark 1:14-20 The Jesus You Can’t Ignore Ryan Wentzel
01/14/18 Mark 1:9-13 A Glimpse of Jesus’ Identity and Mission Craig Marshall
01/07/18 Mark 1:1-8 Preparing for the Lord’s Arrival Craig Marshall