II Samuel

Date Text Title Speaker
12/19/10 II Samuel 23:1-7 David’s Last Words (and how they relate to Christmas) Jim Newheiser
12/12/10 II Samuel 22:21-51 David’s Psalm of Thanksgiving (Part 2) Jim Newheiser
11/28/10 II Samuel 22:1-25 David’s Psalm of Thanksgiving (Part 1) Jim Newheiser
11/21/10 II Samuel 24 David’s Senseless Census Jim Newheiser
11/14/10 II Samuel 21:15-22, 23:8-39 David’s Mighty Men Jim Newheiser
11/07/10 II Samuel 21:1-14 Atonement for Covenant Breaking Jim Newheiser
10/24/10 II Samuel 19:40-20:26 David Faces More Rebellion Jim Newheiser
10/17/10 II Samuel 19:16-40 Meeting the King Jim Newheiser
09/26/10 II Samuel 19:1-15,40-43 Return of the King Jim Newheiser
09/05/10 II Samuel 17:27-29 David’s Friends and Christian Charity Jim Newheiser
09/05/10 II Samuel 18 Victory, Judgement and Grief Jim Newheiser
08/29/10 II Samuel 16:15-17:29 The Battle Before the Battle Jim Newheiser
08/22/10 II Samuel 15:13-16:14 David’s Flight and Faith Jim Newheiser
02/21/10 II Samuel 14:1-15:12 Trickery, Treachery and Treason Jim Newheiser
02/14/10 II Samuel 13:19-39 Injustice, Vengeance and Estrangement Jim Newheiser
02/07/10 II Samuel 13:1-19 David’s Chastisement Continues: Amnon and Tamar Jim Newheiser
01/31/10 II Samuel 12:14-31 David’s Chastisement and Restoration Jim Newheiser
01/10/10 II Samuel 12:13-15; I Samuel 15; Psalm 51; Psalm 32 David Repents and God Forgives Jim Newheiser
01/03/10 II Samuel 12:1-12 The LORD Confronts David’s Sin Jim Newheiser
12/13/09 II Samuel 11:5-27 David’s Deadly Cover-up Jim Newheiser
12/06/09 II Samuel 11:1-5 David’s Catastrophic Sin Jim Newheiser
11/29/09 II Samuel 10 David’s Kindness Rejected Jim Newheiser
11/22/09 II Samuel 9 David’s Lovingkindness to Mephibosheth Jim Newheiser
11/15/09 II Samuel 8 God’s Anointed King Conquers Jim Newheiser
06/21/09 II Samuel 7:18-29 David’s Incomparable Prayer to the Incomparable God Jim Newheiser
06/07/09 II Samuel 7:8-17 The Davidic Covenant Jim Newheiser
05/31/09 II Samuel 7:1-17 The LORD Builds David’s House Jim Newheiser
05/17/09 II Samuel 6:16, 20-23 David’s Divided Household Jim Newheiser
05/10/09 II Samuel 6:12-19 The Joy of Drawing Near to a Holy God Jim Newheiser
05/03/09 II Samuel 6:1-11 The Danger of Drawing Near to a Holy God Jim Newheiser
04/26/09 II Samuel 5:6-25 The LORD Establishes David’s Kingdom Jim Newheiser
04/19/09 II Samuel 5:1-5 David, King of All Israel Jim Newheiser
03/29/09 II Samuel 2-4 Waiting to Rule Jim Newheiser
03/22/09 II Samuel 1 How Have the Mighty Fallen Jim Newheiser