Audio for Children

Joelee Chamberlain, a member of Grace Bible Church, has created an invaluable resource for familiarizing your children with the Bible.

Intended for children ages 4 - 8, these audio files will help your children understand the storyline of the entire Bible from Genesis through Acts and will also help them see the goodness of God in His dealings with His people. In addition, each file contains a presentation of the Gospel.

We hope that you and your children enjoy these wonderful resources.

00 Genesis, the Book of Beginnings
01 God is the Master Builder
02 The Book of Exodus
03 The Books of Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy
04 The Book of Joshua
05 The Books of Judges and Ruth
06 The Nation of Israel, Part 1 (Samuel, Saul, and David)
07 The Nation of Israel, Part 2 (King David)
08 The Nation of Israel, Part 3 (King Solomon)
09 The Nation of Israel, Part 4 (The Two Kingdoms)
10 The Life of Jesus
11 The Book of Acts
12 From Eden to Eternity – A Review
13 Faithful Father Abraham
14 Isaac, Son of Promise
15 From Jacob to Israel
16 Joseph, Part 1: From Canaan to Egypt
17 Joseph, Part 2: From Egypt to the Promised Land
18 About the Prophet Elijah
19 About the Prophet Elisha
20 The Book of Jonah
21 The Book of Daniel
22 The Books of Ezra and Nehemiah
23 The Book of Esther
24 Jesus Prophesied in the Old Testament
25 A Gospel Treasure Hunt
26 The Real Story of Christmas for Children
27 The Real Story of Easter for Children
28 God’s Holidays
29 John the Baptist
30 The Apostle Peter, Part 1 of 2: Peter in the Four Gospels
31 The Apostle Peter, Part 2 of 2: Peter in the Book of Acts
32 The Apostle Thomas: Didymus? Let’s Be Bible Detectives!
33 The Apostle Paul, Part 1 of 6: From Persecutor to Believer!
34 The Apostle Paul, Part 2 of 6: Trouble in the Mountains!
35 The Apostle Paul, Part 3 of 6: Earthquake in a Philippian Prison!
36 The Apostle Paul, Part 4 of 6: Paul at Mars Hill
37 The Apostle Paul, Part 5 of 6: A Riot in Ephesus!
38 The Apostle Paul, Part 6 of 6: From a Jerusalem Riot to a Prison in Rome!
Kids, God Made Marriage!
Gravity, George Washington, and God
The Prodigal Son: A Story Jesus Told
Singing Through the Bible with Sunday School Songs
Miracles, Butterflies, and Resurrection
Creation for Kids – Genesis 1-2
The Fall of Man for Kids – Genesis 3
Cain and Abel – Genesis 4 – 5
Noah and the Flood – Genesis 6 – 9
Ruth – The Loving Daughter-in-Law
Zaccheus and Jesus

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