Text: Acts 20:7-38
Speaker: Jim Newheiser
Outline: PDF
Date: June 6, 2016

As I was considering what to preach in my last few sermons at GBC I considered preaching from various biblical farewells with accompanying transitions of leadership – Moses to Joshua, Samuel’s departure,  David to Solomon, Elijah to Elisha, etc.  As I studied these in more detail I realized that while each is infallibly inspired and profitable, not all are equally appropriate for my departure (see 1 Kings 2:6,8).  I landed on Acts 20 which includes Paul’s farewell speech to the Ephesians elders which contains important exhortations which apply to all of us today.  There are still many differences between our situation and that of Paul.  I am just an elder, not an apostle.  Also, I can’t say that you will never see me again (Acts 20:25,38).  We don’t plan to leave until July 7.  And I hope to preach a couple more times before we depart.  And we have already booked tickets for a visit just to San Diego/Escondido just after Christmas.

Acts 20 does gives us a picture of the New Testament pattern for how the church is to operate – a model we have been trying to follow for almost 26 years.  And Paul gives necessary exhortations about the duties of the remaining leaders/shepherds to lead, feed and protect Christs’ flock.

Please read Acts 20 before listening to this sermon.

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