Israel Demands a King

Text: 1 Samuel 8
Speaker: Jim Newheiser
Outline: PDF
Date: May 29, 2016

When my wife Caroline saw my title she asked me to which kind of leader I am referring.  My answer was “both”.  Our nation is seeking leadership as we look to elect a new president.  This Memorial Day weekend we remember the sacrifices of those who fought to preserve the freedoms which we hope our government leaders will continue to protect.  Our church is doing a search for an additional elder who could fill our pulpit.

Those who are dissatisfied with the current situation put their hopes in candidates who promise to make significant changes.  Sometimes the change is worse than the status quo. The problem is that people often look to human leaders to do for them what only God can do.

This problem is as old as Babel. Thousands of years ago, during the days of the Judges, the people of Israel sought a change in leadership.  They wanted to have an earthly king so that they could be like the other nations.  Samuel warns them, as Lord Acton would state in the 19th century, that “power corrupts”, and that one day they might regret their insistence to have a mighty ruler to reign over them.

The failure of our human leaders, both in our national government and in the church, should make us yearn for the true King Jesus Who alone will reign in perfect righteousness for the benefit of all of His people.

To prepare to listen to this sermon, please read 1 Samuel 8, Genesis 11:1-9, and Deuteronomy 17:14-20.

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