Jesus Prays For You

Text: John 17:20-26
Speaker: Jim Newheiser
Outline: PDF
Date: April 10, 2016

We recently covered “The Lord’s Prayer” from Luke 11.  This prayer could also be called “the disciples’ prayer” because Jesus was teaching His disciples how to pray and it was a prayer which He didn’t actually pray – because He had no sins for which to ask for forgiveness.

Late last year I expounded most of John 17 over a few Sunday nights which is the most extensive record we have of a prayer of our Lord.  Jesus’ high priestly prayer lifts the veil and reveals the intimacy of the relationship between the Father and the Son.  In this prayer Jesus first prays for Himself (v. 1-5).  Then He prays for His disciples (v. 6-19) and finally He prays for those who will believe in Him through the disciples’ testimony – which means us!

In this sermon I review the first part of Jesus’ prayer and then expound on the final section in which Christ prays for us.

In preparation for listening to this sermon, please read John 17.

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