Sister, Sister

Text: Luke 10:38-42
Speaker: Jim Newheiser
Outline: PDF
Date: February 28, 2016

We have come to another famous story which only occurs in Luke’s gospel.  Mary and Martha have often been used as representative of two personality types – the responsible task oriented Martha who serves versus the contemplative Mary who listens.  There is, however, much more to their story than these stereotypes.

Many of us will see ourselves in this account, especially in Martha.  Many church leaders admit to having some of Martha’s faults.  John MacArthur writes, “It is very easy for me to identify with Martha… It is tempting at times to become swept away in the activity of ministry and forget that faith and worship must always have priority over work.  In our sometimes hectic lives we all need to cultivate more of Mary’s worshipful, listening spirit and less of Martha’s scrambling commotion.”  Spurgeon also admits, “The preacher will have one hearer tonight to whom his text will be amazingly applicable – namely, himself.  Here we have meeting after meeting, and engagement after engagement.”

Most of us, at times, can be guilty of allowing lesser things to trouble us thus distracting us from the one thing that matters most.  We know that our priorities are distorted when we find ourselves falling into Martha’s sins of being anxious, envious and angry.  We think that our problems are caused by other people, but actually our need is to sit at the feet of Jesus.

Please ready Luke 10:38-42 before listening to this sermon.

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