Missionary Harvesters Sent Out

Text: Luke 10:1-16
Speaker: Jim Newheiser
Outline: PDF
Date: January 24, 2016

What is the most wicked city ever?  Many of us might think of Sodom which was destroyed by fire.  Jesus says that the cities of Galilee were more guilty than Sodom and that they were to undergo a more severe judgment (Luke 10:10-15).  What was the great sin of these cities which so provoked God’s wrath?

In Luke 10:1-16 Jesus sends out seventy of His disciples to proclaim the good news of His kingdom of peace to the cities He was about to visit.  The destiny of the people in these cities depends upon the reception they give to Jesus’ envoys.  Their treatment of His disciples is reckoned as their treatment of Him which is reckoned as their treatment of God (10:16).

While there are many aspects of the ministry of the seventy harvesters (missionaries) which are unique, I see many principles in this passage which apply directly to our work of missions and evangelism today.  How many can you identify (without peeking at my notes).

Please read Luke 10:1-24 and Genesis 18-19 before listening to this sermon.

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