Down from the Mountaintop

Text: Luke 9:37-50
Speaker: Jim Newheiser
Outline: PDF
Date: January 10, 2016

When I was in High School I remember going on retreats in which we would enjoy God’s creation, be blessed by close fellowship, and benefit from God’s Word.  These events were spiritual highs.  But when I got home to real life – family, school, etc. – the high quickly wore off.

Jesus, James, Peter and John were on a literal and spiritual high at the transfiguration, as the veil on Jesus’ glory was lifted and His work was personally confirmed by Moses and Elijah. But, in spite of Peter’s wanting to stay on the mountain, they had to come down where they found a chaotic situation in which the other disciples were disputing with the scribes after having failed to cast the demon out of a tormented boy.

The failure of the disciples to cast out the demon is the first in a sequence of their failures which Luke records.  They fail in faith, in understanding, in pride and in jealousy.  While our Lord is disturbed by their unbelief, He does not give up on them, but continues to instruct them.  This is a great comfort to those of us who recognize our many failures (Ps. 103:13f).

This section also marks a crucial turning point in Luke’s gospel as it concludes our Lord’s ministry in Galilee.  The next major section (9:51-19:27) covers Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem where He will be delivered over unto death on a cross.  During this journey He will continue to instruct his needy, weak disciples.

Please read Luke 9:37-50 and Exodus 32 before listening to this sermon.

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