Defending Marriage – God’s Directives for Marriage

Text: Genesis 2:24
Speaker: Jim Newheiser
Outline: PDF
Date: July 19, 2015

Last week we began a brief series on marriage by showing that it is God Who defines us as male and female and God Who defines marriage as a lifelong covenant union between one man and one woman.  Any effort to redefine marriage is an assault upon God’s Lordship and is destructive for humanity.  We also specifically addressed what Scripture teaches about homosexuality – that it is a sinful violation of God’s design for marriage.  Our concern for the homosexual is not merely that he become heterosexual or more outwardly moral.  Rather, we offer him or her hope in the gospel which makes us right with God and transforms us inwardly.  We also expressed that we should have compassion upon those among us who experience same sex attractions.  Becoming a Christian does not automatically take away all undesirable desires – as each of us can attest.  Thanks be to God, however, that we are no longer enslaved to our sinful desires. Rom. 6:11ff

This week we will focus on God’s foundational directive for marriage in Genesis 2:24.  We defend marriage, not merely by declaring God’s definition of marriage, but also by living out His design and following His directives in our own marriages.  This is part of what it means to be lights in a dark world.  The darker our culture becomes the more bright our families should be as we seek to reflect the love of Christ to one another.

Please read Genesis 2:18-25 and Matthew 19:1-12 before listening to this sermon.

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