Defending Marriage – Marriage is Defined by God

Text: Genesis 2:18-23
Speaker: Jim Newheiser
Outline: PDF
Date: July 12, 2015

We are all aware of the recent Supreme Court decision redefining marriage which is the culmination of many years of attack upon the biblical teaching about the family.  Over the next few weeks I plan to preach a series of messages entitled “Defending Marriage”.  The first sermon will be “Marriage is Defined by God” from Genesis 2:18-23 in which we see that God Himself, at creation, established marriage as a lifelong covenant of companionship between a man and a woman.

Because of the shifting views in our culture, I also plan to address the question, “Did God create some people to be homosexual?”  We need to be prepared to give honest, compassionate and thoroughly biblical answers.  What does Scripture say to those who experience same sex attraction (SSA)?  Can people with SSA change?  What help does the gospel offer to them?  How should we interact with friends and relatives whose views and practices are different from ours?

Please read Genesis 1-2 in preparation for listening to this sermon.

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