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God’s Commitment to His Son

Text: Psalm 110
Speaker: Bryan Onstead
Date: July 26, 2015

An evening service sermon from Bryan Onstead.

Defending Marriage by Protecting and Strengthening Your Marriage

Text: Various
Speaker: Jim Newheiser
Outline: PDF
Date: July 26, 2015

In this sermon I preached the fourth in the series of six sermons on defending marriage.

While it is important to stand firm in defense of God’s definition of marriage as a lifelong covenant between one man and one woman, it is also important that we defend our own marriages.  The rate of divorce, separation, infidelity and mediocrity among professing Christians is alarmingly high.  Every marriage starts with high hopes and expectations.  Sadly, not all couples live happily ever after.

I draw on over thirty years of marriage counseling experience (and over thirty-five years of marriage) to set forth several keys to preserving and strengthening your marriage.  I use many passages from throughout God’s Word.  If you are single, don’t skip this sermon! Most of these principles apply in every human relationship.

Before listening to this sermon please read Ephesians 4:25-5:32.

Foolish Galatians

Text: Galatians 3:1-5
Speaker: Jeff Gonzales
Date: July 19, 2015

An evening service sermon from Jeff Gonzales.

Defending Marriage – God’s Directives for Marriage

Text: Genesis 2:24
Speaker: Jim Newheiser
Outline: PDF
Date: July 19, 2015

Last week we began a brief series on marriage by showing that it is God Who defines us as male and female and God Who defines marriage as a lifelong covenant union between one man and one woman.  Any effort to redefine marriage is an assault upon God’s Lordship and is destructive for humanity.  We also specifically addressed what Scripture teaches about homosexuality – that it is a sinful violation of God’s design for marriage.  Our concern for the homosexual is not merely that he become heterosexual or more outwardly moral.  Rather, we offer him or her hope in the gospel which makes us right with God and transforms us inwardly.  We also expressed that we should have compassion upon those among us who experience same sex attractions.  Becoming a Christian does not automatically take away all undesirable desires – as each of us can attest.  Thanks be to God, however, that we are no longer enslaved to our sinful desires. Rom. 6:11ff

This week we will focus on God’s foundational directive for marriage in Genesis 2:24.  We defend marriage, not merely by declaring God’s definition of marriage, but also by living out His design and following His directives in our own marriages.  This is part of what it means to be lights in a dark world.  The darker our culture becomes the more bright our families should be as we seek to reflect the love of Christ to one another.

Please read Genesis 2:18-25 and Matthew 19:1-12 before listening to this sermon.

Kids, God Made Marriage!

Speaker: Joelee Chamberlain

Defending Marriage – Marriage is Defined by God

Text: Genesis 2:18-23
Speaker: Jim Newheiser
Outline: PDF
Date: July 12, 2015

We are all aware of the recent Supreme Court decision redefining marriage which is the culmination of many years of attack upon the biblical teaching about the family.  Over the next few weeks I plan to preach a series of messages entitled “Defending Marriage”.  The first sermon will be “Marriage is Defined by God” from Genesis 2:18-23 in which we see that God Himself, at creation, established marriage as a lifelong covenant of companionship between a man and a woman.

Because of the shifting views in our culture, I also plan to address the question, “Did God create some people to be homosexual?”  We need to be prepared to give honest, compassionate and thoroughly biblical answers.  What does Scripture say to those who experience same sex attraction (SSA)?  Can people with SSA change?  What help does the gospel offer to them?  How should we interact with friends and relatives whose views and practices are different from ours?

Please read Genesis 1-2 in preparation for listening to this sermon.

The Need for Thanksgiving

Text: Psalm 103:1-5
Speaker: Mike Kelley
Date: July 5, 2015

An evening service sermon from Mike Kelley.

The War Between Our Earthly Rulers and God

Text: Psalm 2
Speaker: Jim Newheiser
Outline: PDF
Date: July 5, 2015

Many of us are deeply concerned about the direction our nation is taking.  The rejection of God’s standards (including His design for marriage) is a rejection of God Himself.  Psalm 2 reminds us that warfare between human rulers and God is not unusual.  Rather it is the norm in a fallen world.  This Psalm reminds us of the hostility between human leaders and divine authority.  Human leaders declare what they think of the Lord.  Then the Lord declares what he thinks of the human leaders.  He will establish His Anointed King Who will crush the rebels.  This is our hope.

Please read Psalm 2 and Acts 4 in preparation for listening to this sermon.

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