From Maniac to Missionary

Text: Luke 8:26-39
Speaker: Jim Newheiser
Outline: PDF
Date: February 22, 2015

Every day we are reminded of the devastating effects of evil in the world.  War in Ukraine. Terrorist killings in Nigeria, North Africa and the Middle East.  Gang shootings in Escondido. Those of us who are of tender conscience are also troubled by the wickedness in our own hearts – anger, lust, pride, judgmentalism.

Jesus came to conquer evil.  This section of Luke records miracles which signify His work of reversing the curse.  Last week we saw how He stilled the storm.  In the next section He cures the incurably sick and raises the dead.  In this week’s passage Jesus encounters a man who is under the control of a legion of demons.  This man’s condition portrays the state of lost humanity enslaved to sin.  Jesus demonstrates his power by setting the man free.  But then the people of the region in fear ask Him to leave.  They are more terrified of Jesus than of a crazed demoniac.  In a sense they are even more enslaved to sin than he was.

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