Jesus Stills the Storm

Text: Luke 8:22-25
Speaker: Jim Newheiser
Outline: PDF
Date: February 15, 2015

In this week’s passage Jesus delivers His disciples from a great storm.  While we who live in San Diego don’t have many big storms in the literal sense, we experience many metaphorical storms in life – the late night call saying that there has been an auto accident, the sudden loss of a job, a troublesome diagnosis from the doctor, the discovery of betrayal by a loved one.  Just as the faith of Jesus’ disciples was tested on the Sea of Galilee, our faith is tested when we encounter storms.  One of the joys of being part of our community is the privilege we have of watching others call upon Jesus Who then safely delivers them.

Our preference would be smooth sailing in life, but the Lord teaches us through our trials/storms.  We would desire that certain storms go away, but sometimes the Lord’s purpose is to increase our faith and not to change our circumstances.

To prepare for this sermon, please read Luke 8:22-25 and Jonah 1-2.  What similarities do you see among these texts?

For extra credit read the rest of Luke 8.  Do you see what the incidents which follow our text have in common with the account of the stilling of the storm?

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