The Vanity of Human Wisdom

Text: Ecclesiastes 1:12-18
Speaker: Mike Kelley
Date: November 2, 2014

In this sermon we will be finishing the first Chapter of the Book of Ecclesiastes.  The message is entitled The Vanity of Human Wisdom, looks at verses 12-18.  In this text Solomon addresses the futility of attempting to find comprehensive meaning for human life, effort, and its assorted labors from the perspective of earthly, man-centered wisdom.  He concludes that his labor was about as successful as attempting to catch the “wind“.  It was an impossible quest and proved unsuccessful.  His search provided no meaningful answers.  This is sobering to consider when we remember that the wisest man who ever lived was the one about this task; and he struck out!

All of us at times groan under the weight (“business” in vs. 13 “burden” how appropriate!) of unanswered questions for the meaning of life’s pressures and problems and inconsistencies.  There are many situations that remain unanswered for us!  The life lived “under the sun” is often a mystery.  At times we find ourselves desperately searching for answers to things that God is not pleased to reveal: Things our text states are “crooked” and things for which information is often “lacking“.  The good news for believers, those living both “under the sun” and in The Son, is that we can trust our worries and fears to Him and not be excessively burdened by the fallen wisdom of a world living in rebellion against Him.

I would invite you to carefully read the Book of Ecclesiastes, looking for clues as to why even in this book, great hope for us all remains.

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