Jesus Calls a Fisherman to Catch Men

Text: Luke 5:1-11
Speaker: Jim Newheiser
Outline: PDF
Date: April 27, 2014

I have greatly enjoyed studying Luke’s gospel.  Each week is like opening another of God’s good gifts to us as we come to better know our Savior.

Up until now Jesus has been working alone as he went through the cities of Galilee proclaiming the good news of the Kingdom.  In Luke 5, He begins the process of gathering His disciples who will share in His Kingdom work and then carry it on after He returns to the Father.

We also learn something of the type of person Jesus calls and uses.  He doesn’t go to Jerusalem to find the brightest young prospects among the learned Rabbis.  Instead, he chooses a fisherman.  Later he will select a tax-collector.  What these men will have in common is their humble response to Jesus and their willingness to leave everything to follow Him.

Before calling Simon Peter, Jesus works a miracle of filling his nets with fish, after he and his partners had spent a night without catching anything.  The miracle not only demonstrates Jesus’ authority over the creation, but also is a picture of that to which Peter is being called – to be a fisher of men.  In a few years, Peter will see (figuratively speaking) nets fully of men (Acts 2).

This passage is full of practical application to us today. We learn how one becomes a disciple of Jesus and what is expected of those who follow Him.  We also are reminded about how God sovereignly works in our lives through our efforts.

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