The Growth of Jesus, the Son of God

Text: Luke 2:40-52
Speaker: Jim Newheiser
Outline: PDF
Date: January 19, 2014

Very little is known about Jesus’ life between his birth and the beginning of His public ministry.  Many apocryphal legends have been circulated, but there is only one incident from our Lord’s youth recorded in Scripture.  Out of all that transpired in Jesus’ early life why is this particular event at the temple chosen for inclusion in Luke’s gospel?

We also have in this passage the first recorded words of Jesus which are full of significance.  Why are these words so important?

This passage also raises questions about the relationship between Jesus’ Divine nature and His human nature.  How can the all-powerful One grow in strength?  How can the all-knowing One grow in wisdom?

The other challenging question in our passage is, how could Jesus upset his earthly parents by failing to leave Jerusalem with them after the feast?  If our kids did something like this we would think they have done wrong, but we know Jesus is without sin.  How could Jesus do this to his earthly father and mother?

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