Jesus Presented at the Temple

Text: Luke 2:21-39
Speaker: Jim Newheiser
Outline: PDF
Date: January 12, 2014

Christmas is over, but the contemplation of the coming of our Lord Jesus is a fifty-two week a year experience for us – especially this week as we complete Luke’s birth narrative.

Joseph and Mary faithfully fulfill the law by circumcising Jesus and going to Jerusalem for Mary’s cleansing and Jesus’ presentation at the temple.  While they are in Jerusalem, they encounter Simeon and Anna who bear further prophetic witness to Christ’s mission.  While the previous glorious proclamations about Jesus are affirmed, there is also an ominous tone as Simeon warns that Jesus will be opposed and will cause division and that Mary’s soul will be pierced.  As we continue to read Luke, we will realize that the people we meet in the first two chapters are part of the godly remnant during a time when Israel is corrupt and unprepared for their Messiah.  There continues to be a remnant today, both in the world at large and also among the Jews.  We who are of that remnant seek to serve God as we await the return of Christ.

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