The Birth of John, the Forerunner to the Redeemer

Text: Luke 1:57-80
Speaker: Jim Newheiser
Outline: PDF
Date: December 15, 2013

Some people have a hard time waiting for Christmas.  One friend of mine started posting the number of days until Christmas on Facebook back in July.  Now the wait is almost over.

As we return to Luke’s gospel, we remember how God’s people had been waiting for many centuries for the Messiah to come.  They had been living in darkness for so long.  The birth of John, the forerunner, was like the hopeful glow in the Eastern sky before the sun rises.

This week’s passage includes the birth of John, which brings great joy to many, and the prophetic proclamation of praise from his formerly mute father Zacharias.  This is the second of the inspired “Christmas Carols” in Luke.  We had studied Mary’s Magnificat two weeks ago.  Zacharias’ song is often called the Benedictus, which is from the Latin word for ‘blessed’.  Zacharais’ declaration of praise is similar to that of Mary in that it is saturated with Old Testament references and its theme is God’s redemption of His people.  Zacharias also prophesies about the role his son John will have as the forerunner to the Messiah.  Zacharias also declares the nature of the redemption/salvation which the Messiah will accomplish.  God is showing tender-mercy to sinners.  We who have been so blessed should serve Him with joy.

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