A Daring Proposal

Text: Ruth 3
Speaker: Jim Newheiser
Outline: PDF
Date: October 13, 2013

This Sunday we will continue our exposition of the book of Ruth.  Chapter three is one of the most easily misunderstood chapters in the Bible.  A young woman sneaks to the place where the man she wants to marry is sleeping and lies down at his feet.  Of course, if Ruth, Boaz and Naomi would hear of the dating customs which would take place over 3000 years later in our culture they would have been shocked as well.

The book of Ruth is about redemption more than romance.  God’s redemption of His people is portrayed by the redemption experienced by Naomi and Ruth.  We will also see some broad principles for how to approach finding a mate (while not imitating what Ruth did!).

You will notice that it is similar to Ruth 2, portraying a significant day in Ruth’s life which begins with her at home with Naomi making plans (to be fed, then to be wed), then Ruth goes out to carry out the plan, and finally Ruth returns home full to report back to Naomi about the lovingkindness of Boaz.

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