The LORD Visits the Afflicted

Text: Ruth 1:1-5
Speaker: Jim Newheiser
Outline: PDF
Date: September 1, 2013

Lord willing, we will spend the five Sundays in September going through the book of Ruth.

Have you ever said or thought that God is against you?

Have you regretted sinful or foolish choices and wondered if the harm you had done had ruined your life with no hope of recovery?

The book of Ruth is realistic about human suffering and sin.  Thankfully this book also displays God’s lovingkindness to His people.  He is able to bring good out of tragedy, even when our troubles are of our own making.

Ruth 1:1-5 introduces the book of Ruth by setting forth Naomi’s seemingly hopeless condition.  She and her husband flee famine in the Promised Land only to experience the loss of everything in pagan Moab.  She returns to her home town of Bethlehem empty and hopeless.  She thinks that God is against her, but He will show His mercy by redeeming her in a way which displays His grace and love.

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