Poor Beggars Made Spiritually Wealthy

Text: Mark 10:46-52
Speaker: Curt Arend
Date: June 16, 2013

This message entitled “Poor Beggars Made Spiritually Wealthy” is from Mark 10:46-52.  It is the account of blind Bartameaus, a beggar who understood his desperate need for Christ.  In many ways, he is a model disciple in that he believed the Messianic promises and persistently and earnestly sought Jesus.  We will see that Jesus has time for those who cry out for mercy, and is concerned for our cares.

The blind man is a type of any who receive salvation.  We are not saved by good works but according to His mercy alone.  What a grand opportunity to gaze upon our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, and to revel in His righteousness imputed to unworthy sinners.

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