Knowing God’s Will: Part 1

Text: James 4:15-17, Deut. 29:29
Speaker: Jim Newheiser
Outline: PDF
Date: October 2, 2011

Each of us faces major decisions regarding education, family, vocation, finances, relationships, etc. How can we know God’s will for our lives?

James 4:13-17, at which we began to look last week, speaks of God’s will in two different senses. James 4:17 speaks of our responsibility to act according to the moral will of God — the good we know He wants us to do (God’s commands). James 4:15, on the other hand, speaks of God’s sovereign will — we should make our plans realizing that God may or may not allow them to work out as we hope and expect.

Is there some third aspect of God’s will – some kind of ideal which goes beyond what the Bible reveals about God’s moral will, while not necessarily being His sovereign will ? For example, God’s moral will says we should only marry a godly believer. God’s sovereign will as determined whom we will marry. But should a single person be looking for mystical guidance, beyond Scripture, trying to find the special someone God has just for them. The same question can be raised for questions of finances (should I buy a house? If so which one? When?), vocation, education, etc. If one is to seek such guidance, how should he go about it? Should he put out a fleece? Wait to feel led? Expect a dream, a vision, or a word from God? Cast lots?

This week we will see what the Bible says about the two aspects of God’s will and how we are warned against going beyond what God has revealed in His Word.

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