What Brings Us Together? Keeping the Building Strong.

Text: Various Scriptures
Speaker: Mike Kelley
Date: June 12, 2011

Tomorrow I will be preaching a topical message on how to keep our fellowship spiritually healthy and growing. I am often encouraged by the regular display of loving interaction that occurs within our body. I am hoping to bring additional encouragement tomorrow that re-emphasizes for all of us just how important it is to be about certain basics with regard to our relationships with one another. Three main points will be discussed: 1. We are a Community of the TRUTH. 2. We are a Community of SHARED SORROWS. 3. We are a Community of SHARED PROMISES.

Please pray that all would find great encouragement in our common faith as well as renewed zeal to bring blessing to others. Pray as well that the lost among us would find clear reasons to believe in the power of a life-changing Gospel that produces such encouragement and efforts.

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