The Royal Law of Love

Text: James 2:8-13
Speaker: Jim Newheiser
Outline: PDF
Date: May 29, 2011

As we study the Bible, we all come with our own preconceived beliefs and have to be ready to be corrected in our thinking and to adjust our doctrine and practice according to what we learn.
James, especially in chapter 2, shakes up some of our paradigms as he calls us to live out our faith. Why is it important that we obey God’s law if Christ has already obeyed for us? V. 8-9
In what sense will we be judged? v. 12-13

In our last study (2:1-7) James warned us that harboring an attitude of favoritism substitutes the glory of man for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ and makes us unjust judges who (unlike God) treat people according to outward appearances. Discrimination also puts us in opposition to God as we reject the lowly whom God has chosen and favor the great who dishonor the Lord.

In this week’s passage James pushes his point further.
While most would condemn open displays of prejudice, but think little of their own subtle choices to favor some and ignore others.
James portrays favoritism as a serious sin which violates of our positive duty to love our neighbor and invites the judgment of God.

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