David’s Psalm of Thanksgiving (Part 1)

Text: II Samuel 22:1-25
Speaker: Jim Newheiser
Outline: PDF
Date: November 28, 2010

Not by my plan, but rather by God’s providence this week’s sermon will cover David’s Psalm of Thanksgiving.

God communicates His truth to us through various literary forms. I and II Samuel are primarily historical narrative, but Psalms (songs) play an important role in powerfully expressing the themes of the book poetically.

Originally I and II Samuel were one large book. Early in I Samuel (2:1-10) we had Hannah’s song/psalm of praise to God which introduced the great themes of the book (God humbling the proud and exalting the humble, and the anticipation of the Messiah). Now at the end of II Samuel we have two Psalms of David. This Psalm of thanksgiving (22:1-51) in which David reflects back upon his life, and a final Psalm (23:1-7) which anticipates God’s future faithfulness to His covenant through the Messiah. This Psalm of thanksgiving corresponds in many ways to Hannah’s song as it uses similar vocabulary and develops the same themes. What Hannah anticipated decades before has been fulfilled by God’s grace. The Psalms at the beginning and the end serve as bookends.

Psalms of Thanksgiving follow a pattern in which the author states his intention to praise God, then describes how when he was in great distress he called out to God Who delivered him.

The Psalm gives God the praise He deserves for His great faithfulness.

This Psalm, rather than looking back on one particular event, recalls a lifetime of deliverances.

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