David’s Senseless Census

Text: II Samuel 24
Speaker: Jim Newheiser
Outline: PDF
Date: November 21, 2010

This week we will be covering the last chapter of II Samuel, but we will not be finishing II Samuel. As you may recall, the last four chapters of II Samuel are a kind of an appendix or epilogue to the book which contains two stories (21:1-14 and 24), two hero lists (21:15-22)), and two songs (22:1-51 23:1-7). We are saving the two songs of praise, which give a magnificent poetic summary of the theme of I and II Samuel, for last

Chapter 24 follows the same pattern as 21:1-14 as we have the sin of a king (David this time instead of Saul), the punishment which comes upon the nation as a result, and the atonement which moves God to again bless His people.

David sins by counting the people of Israel which results in God’s awesome judgment coming upon the nation as 70,000 die. Thankfully, God shows mercy and His wrath is turned away through sacrifice.

This passage raises many very challenging questions starting from the first verse:

1. How can the LORD incite David to sin?

2. Was it the LORD or Satan who moved David to sin (the parallel passage in I Chronicles says that Satan incited David to sin)?

3. Why was the LORD angry with Israel?

Our text reveals many of God’s attributes including His absolute sovereignty, His justice, His wrath, and His mercy.

It also points, in a most remarkable way to the work of Jesus Christ.

Finally, we will have opportunity to make application in our own lives in terms of our confession of sin, the consequences of sin, God’s mercy to us, and our commitment to wholehearted worship.

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