Atonement for Covenant Breaking

Text: II Samuel 21:1-14
Speaker: Jim Newheiser
Outline: PDF
Date: November 7, 2010

II Samuel 21 is one of the most difficult texts in Scripture. A famine comes upon Israel because of the sins of their former King Saul who broke the covenant between Israel and the Gibeonites.

Several of Saul’s sons and grandsons have to be executed before God’s curse can be lifted. The mother of some of those executed braves the elements protecting her children’s corpses from the birds and the wild animals.

Some preachers skip over this text because of these challenges. Because we are convinced that all Scripture is inspired by God and profitable, we are convinced that God is working good through such circumstances and is revealing valuable truth to His people through His works. Some of the principles we will see include:

1. God is sovereign over calamity.

2. God takes our commitments very seriously.

3. The entire community may suffer for the sins of their leaders.

4. Christ suffered the consequences of our covenant disobedience so that God’s curse might be lifted from us.

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