Return of the King

Text: II Samuel 19:1-15,40-43
Speaker: Jim Newheiser
Outline: PDF
Date: September 26, 2010

This Sunday, as we continue our exposition of 2 Samuel, we will begin to deal with the aftermath of David’s victory over Absalom.

After hearing of Absalom’s death, David is paralyzed by grief. He neglects his kingly duties and brings shame upon the loyal men who risked their lives to return him to the throne.
Joab sternly rebukes David who finally emerges from his funk and attends to the matters of his kingdom.

David’s grief raises the question of how much should we mourn, especially in the case of a loved one who dies in unbelief.
What can we say to those who have experienced such a loss?

David then goes about the challenging task of trying to reunite his divided kingdom. Tensions among the tribes of Israel appear to be intensifying.
Does David act wisely?

We also will seek to show how our text points to David’s greater Son, Jesus, of whom David serves as a type.
Read 2 Samuel 19:1-15. How would you point to Christ through this text?

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