The Battle Before the Battle

Text: II Samuel 16:15-17:29
Speaker: Jim Newheiser
Outline: PDF
Date: August 29, 2010

Sometimes we may be tempted to think that everything in life is against us and that there is no hope.
David was at a low point in his life when his son Absalom sought to steal his throne and take his life.
Absalom had the great majority of the people on his side and his advisor was the most shrewd man in Israel.
David, however, had been in such a position before (remember Goliath and Saul?).
He knows that the LORD is able to deliver him and has prayed to that end (15:31).

The LORD works in remarkable ways. Even before the battle between the armies commences, there is a battle among Absalom’s advisors.
David’s spy Hushai thwarts the wise counsel of Ahithophel which allows David time to relocate and regroup.

Jesus also experienced dark hours in His life. Like David, He was betrayed by his close companion as powerful men unjustly sought to kill Him.
Jesus, like David, also triumphs over the power of evil as his betrayer comes to a nasty end.

As we experience awful events in our personal lives or when we see evil prevailing in the world, we need not despair.
God is still in control working out His purposes for our good and His own glory. We can trust Him!

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