David’s Flight and Faith

Text: II Samuel 15:13-16:14
Speaker: Jim Newheiser
Outline: PDF
Date: August 22, 2010

This Sunday we (finally) return to 2 Samuel where David’s son Absalom is leading a revolt against him.
David has to flee from Jerusalem to save his life. As he is doing so he encounters both friends and enemies.
The record of David’s flight is recorded in great detail. One reason may be that there are numerous parallels between David’s humilation and that of Jesus, of whom David is a type.
David also sets an example for us as he humbly and prayerfully entrusts himself to the LORD in the midst of this awful trial.
It seems that David does better spiritually when under pressure. Such may be true for us as well. Ps. 119:67

Please read 2 Samuel 15-17 before coming to church tomorrow. You also might enjoy Psalm 3 which is believed to have been written during this time of his life.

If you want to look a bit deeper into this section examine the parallel structure of 2 Samuel 15-20 in the introduction to the attached notes.

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