The Church: A 168 Hour a Week Community of Love

Text: Romans 12:9-10
Speaker: Jim Newheiser
Outline: PDF
Date: March 28, 2010

Many American Christians look upon church as something they do for an hour a week, often viewing their role more as the member of an audience watching others perform. Many approach their church involvement as consumers looking for the assembly with the best programs to meet their needs, being quick to change if they think they can find a better deal elsewhere. Some even take advantage of activities from many different churches without committing to joining and serving in one fellowship. In contrast, the early church was a community of love in which they were devoted to each other twenty four hours a day seven days a week. The New Testament is filled with exhortations and examples of how we are to love each other deeply and bear one another’s burdens just as Jesus loved us and bore our greatest burden (sin).

One such text is found in Romans 12 where Paul calls upon the Romans to use their gifts to serve each other (12:3-8 which we covered two weeks ago) and to love each other (12:9-16) and even to love outsiders (12:17-21). My fellow elders and I share Paul’s (and Jesus’) deep burden for Grace Bible Church that we grow in love for one another. This week we will focus on verse 9-10 in which Paul call us to love with sincerity, discernment, deeply committed affection, and honor (mutual respect).

We also will be reminded that our love for one another is not THE most important thing. First comes God’s love for us. Next comes our response of loving God. Finally, because of God’s love we are able to love one another (I Jo. 4:19).

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