Your Vital Role in the Church Body

Text: Romans 12:3-8
Speaker: Jim Newheiser
Outline: PDF
Date: March 14, 2010

This Sunday we are continuing in our mini-series in Romans 12 as we cover verse 3-8 which focus on how we are to use our gifts in the body of Christ.

It is ironic that our technology, which is supposed to draw us closer together, can keep us apart.

Some people are in contact with others for hours a day through texting, email and facebook; without ever leaving their own homes to have face to face contact with their ‘friends’.

I have even heard of people who have virtual fellowship in virtual churches, even serving virtual communion and performing virtual baptisms.

God, in His wisdom, puts those whom He saves into local church communities in which we need each other and learn to serve and love one another.

Paul speaks of the church as a ‘body’ in which each of us performs an important function.

Our need for one another should humble us. We are stewards of the gifts God gives us so that we can build up the body.

While I think that it is important that each of us discovers how God has gifted us so that we can be most effective members of His body, my focus on Sunday will be that we are meant to be God’s gifts to one another in the church body. More important than discovering our gift so that we can engage in a program is our need to become involved in one another’s lives with each of us seeking to build up our brothers and sisters by loving each other as we are able.

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