Walking in the Will of God

Text: Colossians 1:9-14
Speaker: Craig Marshall
Outline: PDF
Date: August 2, 2009

Have you ever noticed how often Christians seem to be looking to the latest new methods to improve their spirituality? Maybe you, at times, have felt like the Christian life isn’t really what you expected, and if you could just find something that could give you a fuller Christian experience, then life would be better.

This situation is nothing new, and Paul addresses it in the book of Colossians. The believers in Colossae were being swayed by teaching that was encouraging them to add other practices to their Christian life for a fuller “spiritual” experience. Paul’s solution to this might surprise you – he prays that they would better understand the will of God.

Today we are going to look at how understanding God’s will impacts our Christian life as it reveals to us both what God desires from us and is doing for us. This deals with spiritual discouragement, apathy, and pride.

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