Waiting to Rule

Text: II Samuel 2-4
Speaker: Jim Newheiser
Outline: PDF
Date: March 29, 2009

Now that Saul is dead and buried, one might think that David’s troubles would be over and that he could soon fulfill his destiny as king over all Israel.

Life often doesn’t work out as we would hope, however. While the tribe of Judah immediately recognizes David as their king, General Abner puts Saul’s surviving son, Ish-bosheth on the throne of Israel and the nation seems on the brink of civil war. In the midst of these trials God is still at work, accomplishing His purpose to enthrone His chosen king. David demonstrates Christlike patience as he seeks and follows the LORD’s will, waiting upon God to elevate him at the perfect time.

Chapters 2-4 describe David’s elevation as king over Judah, Abner’s putting Ish-bosheth over the other tribes, the power struggle which ensues, and how the LORD uses surprising instruments to remove the final obstacles to David being the undisputed leader over all Israel. David’s regal character is further demonstrated as he rejects the help of wicked men and upholds justice in the land.

David’s experience reminds us that we should not be surprised by the frequency and intensity of our trials. We, like David, need to wait on the LORD to fulfill His promises to us.

We are also reminded of David’s greater Son, Jesus, who patiently waited for the Father to exalt Him at the proper time. Just as David’s kingdom started small (only Judah) but later expanded, the kingdom of Jesus appears now to be small, but one day it will fill the earth.

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