David and Abigail – What a Woman!

Text: I Samuel 25
Speaker: Jim Newheiser
Outline: PDF
Date: December 14, 2008

I Samuel 25 is the second of three episodes in which David is tempted to take revenge upon his enemies. In chapter 24 he had a golden opportunity to kill Saul, but refused because Saul was the LORD’s anointed.

David, after passing the first test, doesn’t do as well on the second (in chapter 25). When Nabal, a foolish Saul-like man, insults him, David vows to wipe out every male in Nabal’s household. It is only through the quick thinking intervention of Nabal’s wise and beautiful wife Abigail that her family is delivered from death and David is rescued from bloodguilt.

There are some tremendous applications which come from this passage including:

  1. How we should correct others (including those in authority).
  2. How we should be open to receiving correction.
  3. How God rescues us from the sins we would have otherwise committed.
  4. How God uses strong and wise women.

We also see a situation in which a wife takes appropriate action behind her husband’s back and against his wishes. What are we to make of this?

Finally, as in every passage, we see Christ – both in the life of David, and through the mediation (and propitiation) of Abigail.

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