The Friendship of David and Jonathan

Text: I Samuel 18:1-4
Speaker: Jim Newheiser
Outline: PDF
Date: September 21, 2008

This week we resume our series in I Samuel as we consider the most famous friendship in the Bible between David and Saul’s son, Jonathan. On one level, many of us have more friends than ever – at least according to Facebook. On the other hand depth and commitment in friendship is rare, especially among men. David and Jonathan exemplify the love, loyalty and devotion friends should have for one another.

It is my hope that through the teaching of the Word of God we will be encouraged to be a friend and to cultivate God-honoring edifying friendships among us. Of course we know that earthly friends will sometimes let us down. What a blessing it is to know “The Friend of sinners’ Jesus Christ. May we respond to the Lord’s anointed in faith and love.

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