Is Jesus’ Tomb Empty?

Text: Various
Speaker: Jim Newheiser
Outline: PDF
Date: April 8, 2007

You are probably aware that the Discovery Channel recently aired a special entitled, “The Lost Tomb of Jesus”, in which James Cameron (the director of “Titanic”) and Simcha Jacobovici claim to have found the ossuary in which Jesus’ bones were placed. They try to combine a bit of Indiana Jones, CSI (with DNA evidence), and the Da Vinci Code (with claims of Jesus’ relationship to Mary Magdalene). They claim the statistical likelihood that they are correct is 600 to 1 in favor of their having found Jesus’ tomb. While Cameron and Jacobovici claim to have no religious agenda, the implication of their claim would be that Christianity is a fraud.

Have they really found Jesus’ body?

What would be the implications if they have?
Why do Christians believe Jesus Christ has been raised from the dead?
What are the implications to you if He has?

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