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2014 Women's Conference

Grace Bible Church hosted a women's conference with author and speaker Martha Peace on September 12 and 13. The theme of the conference was Having a High View of God.

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Recent Sermons

What Kind of Hearer/Soil are You?

Text: Luke 8:4-15
Speaker: Jim Newheiser
Outline: PDF
Date: January 25, 2015

Have you ever wondered why it is that so many people who hear the wonderful gospel of Christ don’t receive it?  Have you had the experience of knowing someone who seemed to have enthusiastically embraced the gospel only to watch them fall away from the faith?  How can this happen?

Jesus’ parable of the soils explains how the good seed of the gospel goes forth and the various responses it receives.  The kingdom of God is breaking into the world through Jesus. We are in an exciting season of sowing and reaping.  We should not be surprised when many reject our message.  We also rejoice that God’s Word is producing a remarkable harvest of souls in spite of the opposition of Satan and the hardness of men’s souls.

Each of us is like one of those souls.  May God help us to hear and receive His Word.

All Human Lives Matter!

Text: Genesis 1-2
Speaker: Jim Newheiser
Outline: PDF
Date: January 18, 2015

This Sunday is designated as Sanctity of Life Sunday because this week is the 42nd anniversary of the historic Supreme Court decisions which took away the right of the people and their representatives to protect unborn human life in the womb.  Since then over 54 million unborn babies have been killed in our nation.  It is ironic that in recent days government leaders from many nations have led demonstrations in which hundreds of thousands of people have participated to protest the killings of seventeen journalists at the hands of terrorists, while the same government leaders have promoted the killing of 44 million unborn children worldwide each year.

This evil exists because humankind has rejected God’s sovereignty over life and the family.  While Christians should encourage government leaders to act righteously, the great hope for our nation and for the unborn is spiritual repentance and revival.

We are also aware that there are some women among us who have had abortions and some men who have encouraged a woman to have an abortion.  I am so privileged to be able to declare to you the grace of God which forgives repentant sinners, removing our guilt and shame.  He remembers our sin against us no more!

Please read Psalm 139 before listenting to this sermon .  Please pray for our nation and for those who have been involved in abortion to find God’s perfect mercy in Christ.