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Recent Sermons

Jesus’ Identity and Mission

Text: Luke 9:18-20
Speaker: Jim Newheiser
Outline: PDF
Date: November 15, 2015

This week we (finally) are back in Luke and we have come to a climactic passage in which Jesus’s disciples finally recognize His identity as the Christ (Messiah).  This wonderful acknowledgement is followed by our Lord revealing just what it means for Him to be the Christ (His suffering, death and resurrection) and what it will mean to be His followers (taking up your cross).

The most important questions mankind face in our day are addressed in this passage – Who is Jesus?  Why did He come?  What does it mean to follow Him?  Jesus is the central figure in human history.  People have many different ideas about Him.  Scripture records the authoritative answers on which we stake our lives.

You might want to review Luke 1:1-9:22 before listening to this sermon.

From Fear to Faith

Text: Habakkuk 3
Speaker: Jim Newheiser
Outline: PDF
Date: November 8, 2015

We all know we need more faith, especially in hard times.  But how can we increase our faith?  How can we have peace?

The prophet Habakkuk has wrestled with the mystery of God’s ways.  He has questioned how God could tolerate the evil in Judah.  And then when the Lord replied that He was sending the Babylonians to correct His people by bringing death and destruction, Habakkuk questions how God could allow the Babylonians, who are more wicked than those in Judah, to triumph. The Lord answers that the Babylonians will be crushed when He is done with them, but in the meantime His righteous ones will live by faith (2:4).

The final chapter of Habakkuk is the prophet’s prayer.  While the unpleasant circumstances of his life have not changed, his heart has changed.  No longer does he argue or question God’s ways.  Instead he prays for God to revive His work among His people; he remembers God’s great acts and promises; and he humbly entrusts Himself to God.  We too need to learn to pray, to remember, and to trust when times are hard.

Please read Habakkuk 3 before listening to this sermon.